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what lies between here and there is the title of my MFA Thesis Exhibition, which was exhibited at the Tufts University Art Gallery November 29 through December 16, 2007. The project is, in short, inspired by the Parthenon, including the physical site of the ruins in Athens, the debate surrounding the Elgin Marbles housed in the British Museum in London, and the full-scale replica of the Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee. The subject of my installation, then, is the fragmentation, dislocation, and replication of the Parthenon. The project represents an effort to investigate the idea of place and the relationship between an original and its copy. The installation incorporates architecture, print media, and concepts of the souvenir to represent the complex impressions left by my travels to London, Athens, and Nashville, and to explore notions of authenticity, artifice, and desire.

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