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My practice as a mixed media painter, screenprinter, and designer investigates the intersection of displacement, loss, memory, and commodity, navigating the complex relationship between an original object or experience and its copy/replica or surrogate. While rooted in personal experience, I have a more sociological interest in the way we use technology-mediated experiences to process both mundane and significant life events around these themes, using the technology of the Internet, for example, as a communication tool that allows people to interact on a daily basis in order to share the ephemera of daily life. With a nod to the history of conceptualism and more recent trends in social practice, I find myself increasingly interested in creating interactive installations that produce, for the viewer, a setting for the possibility of narrative.

Born on Guam in 1977 and raised in five states and three countries, I eventually landed in the San Francisco Bay Area, where I received my bachelor’s degree in Art Practice and French from the University of California at Berkeley, and where I returned after receiving my Master of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. A recovering “artists in offices”, I currently juggle motherhood and creativity in Oakland, California.


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