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I work primarily in 2D media, consistenly drawn to flatness, layers, and more recently all manner of screens/mesh/nets, etc. I occasionally incorporate materials traditionally associated with more craft-based practices into my work. If space allows, I prefer to create large, multi-media, occasionally interactive installations that, inspired by conceptual and social practice art, aim, but often fail to inspire interaction from the viewer. Conceptually, I'm interested in female relationships, loss, memory, and our desire for "authentic" experiences. More recently, I seek to create work that invites the viewer to additionally ponder ideas around transparency and our collective drive toward perfection and control.

Born on Guam and raised in five states and three countries, I eventually landed in the San Francisco Bay Area, where I received my bachelor’s degree in Art Practice and French from the University of California at Berkeley, and where I returned after receiving my Master of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. A former full-time Etsy seller, recovering “artists in offices”, and creator/host of a podcast by the same name, I currently juggle motherhood and creativity with a full-time day job in Oakland, California.


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