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As a designer, printmaker, and painter increasingly interested in social practice projects with a nod to the history of conceptualism, my work investigates the intersection of displacement, loss, memory, and commodity, navigating the complex relationship between an original experience or object and its copy, replica, or surrogate. While rooted in personal experience, I have a more sociological interest in the way we use technology-mediated experiences to process both mundane and significant life events around these themes, using the technology of the Internet, for example, as a communication tool that allows people to interact on a daily basis in order to share the ephemera of daily life.

Born on Guam and raised in five states and three countries, I eventually landed in the San Francisco Bay Area, where I received my bachelor’s degree in Art Practice and French from the University of California at Berkeley, and where I returned after receiving my Master of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. I currently live and work in Oakland, California


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